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Resting Posture

While we do everything we can to support you while you are in our clinic, you have a whole life outside of that time! We tend to spend lots of time in resting positions like sitting or lying down. Our body adapts to what we do consistently, so moving well and resting well are important in keeping you feeling great!

Sitting Posture

We spend a lot more time sitting than we used to, so it's important to sit well! The key to good sitting posture is making sure we sit more on our "sits bones" and less on our sacrum or the tailbone where the SI joints are. In order to find your sits bones, take a seat and slide your hands underneath you. Next rock side to side; you should feel two bony protrusions. Those are your sits bones! Now try rolling back a little bit onto your sacrum; those bones disappear, and that tells us we're putting more stress on that SI joint or the sacrum.


Sleeping Posture

When we are lying down, we want our posture to be very similar to how it is when we're standing. Think: knees and ankles about hip width apart. The key to achieving this is pillows, and lots of them (or a pregnancy specific one)!

  • Lying on your side, start with one pillow between the knees, keeping them about hip width apart.

  • Next, you'll put a pillow between your ankles. Depending on how big your pillow is, you may be able to hit both with one.

  • As baby grows, there's extra tension on the muscles and ligaments through the hips and belly, so add another pillow underneath your belly.

  • Lastly, our tendency is to roll back or to have our shoulders come together and collapse. We want you to be able to breathe well, so add one more pillow in front of your chest to snuggle your arm around.


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