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Proactive Pubic Joint Relief

The pubic symphysis can receive a lot of tension and pressure during pregnancy. Fortunately, a few simple movement tweaks and exercises can help you be proactive against pubic joint discomfort.

Getting Out of the Car

One thing that can put a lot of stress on the pubic joint is the way we get in and out of the car. We tend to pull one leg up and swing it out the door, which leaves one bone pointing up and out and the other in and down-- that's a lot of stress on a little joint! To avoid this stress,

- Keep your knees together start to finish, - Swivel your body all together towards the door, - Step out!

It'll be just the reverse to get back in the car: - Take a seat, - Bring your knees together, - Swivel around to face the front (pro tip: use the steering wheel for balance).

Keep your knees as close together as is comfortable, and you'll keep your pubic joint feeling great!


Getting Out of the Bed

Another movement to be mindful of is the way we get in and out of bed. I don't know about you, but I had to use the bathroom a few times a night when I was pregnant.

Say we're starting on our side, facing away from the edge of the bed:

- Keeping your knees as close together as is comfortable, gently scoot to your back - Before going the rest of the way, squeeze your booty to lifts your hips and use that space to finish turning to the other side keeping your knees together

- From this side-lying position, knees together (see a theme?), plant your top hand on the bed to push up

- Keep your knees together, swivel your legs together, and sit up!


Glute Bridge

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, our pubic symphysis still ends up with a lot of tension and pressure during pregnancy. Something you can do at home to relieve the tension is a glute bridge! It's simple.

- Lie on your back with your knees bent. - Squeeze your booty together to come up off the surface, hold for a best, and then slowly lower back down to where you started.

- Shoot for 15 of these a day!


Ball Squeeze

A ball squeeze is something you can do at home to make sure that the muscles around the pubic joint are activated and doing their job.

- Lie on your back in a comfortable position, knees bent - Place the ball right between your knees - Squeeze your knees together and hold for three seconds - Release! - Repeat, aiming for five slow and controlled repetitions


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