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Dr. Daniel &

Dr. Josiah Hackney

Family Chiropractors in Edmond, OK

Since before our clinic even opened, we knew we wanted it to be a comfortable, inviting, happy space for families.  It brings us such joy to see little ones racing into our playroom, mamas stay long after their visit to feed their baby or just connect with other women in our Mama Lounge, and whole families come in together for a chiropractic visit "family date."

We strive to continually learn and grow professionally and personally so that we can always provide our best care, and treat you exactly how we would treat our very own family.

Welcome to Hackney Chiropractic.

Preconception, Pregnancy, Postpartum & Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Caring for families is our passion, and we have certifications and additional trainings to support that care. Both doctors are certified in the Webster Technique through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. 

We use very gentle and effective pressure from an adjusting instrument called an Activator and our hands to align your spine, removing the interference to your nerves and helping restore your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Chiropractic does not treat conditions or even symptoms, but rather supports your body to enhance the healing ability it already possesses. 

Our education and experience is in supporting you during very exciting, yet very physically and emotionally stressful times in your life.

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Tel: 405-388-2348  Fax: 405-341-8444

412 S Santa Fe Ave Edmond, OK 73003

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