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Preconception Care

Support from before the beginning.

This is our playroom - it is definitely enjoyed! We see a lot of little ones in the practice, and we always let parents know that their children are welcome to come with them to their appointments, and that there is a space for them to play. ⁠

It’s a room we always point out on a first visit as we’re going over things in the office. We will never forget the day a woman came in for care and when we mentioned the play room she said,
“I’ll never need that…”⁠

She and her husband had been trying for a baby for a while, they had been to a fertility clinic, she had a PCOS diagnosis, and she just had an early first trimester loss a few weeks before coming in.⁠

Someone told her chiropractic may help. ⁠



We have always wanted our clinic to be a warm, welcoming place you felt comfortable bringing your whole family to.

We went over her history and did our examination - we check the vital signs, like she had done at many medical offices, but we also do an evaluation of the spine and nerves. She had a lot of stress in her nervous system, and we address that through chiropractic adjustments and lifestyle support.⁠


Within a few visits the hip pain she had been experiencing for several years began to improve and her cycle returned. ⁠Her body was functioning better. ⁠


We continued care, and a few months later she came into the office and shared she was pregnant. ⁠


She was in disbelief.


We increased frequency of her chiropractic adjustments to better support the body through the changes of pregnancy.

Each week she would report “still pregnant…” She waited until she was over halfway through the pregnancy to announce to friends.⁠


Nearly a year to the day she first set foot in our office, she was holding her sweet baby in her arms.⁠


It wasn’t that her body was broken, or she was infertile… she just wasn’t receiving the appropriate support that enabled her body to do what it was capable of doing.⁠⁠ We get to see what the body is capable of every day, and it’s the most exciting part of our job!


Do you feel like you haven't been getting the support you need in this journey? We are here for you.

What to Expect:


Our preconception program focuses on health in Trimester Zero, before pregnancy has been achieved. We know that one of the beautiful effects of health is a great ability to conceive healthy babies, and healthier parents have better pregnancies, healthier babies, and better postpartum experiences. That's what we want for you! 


You and your partner will each have a first visit that will begin with a consultation. We’ll sit down and go through your health history, but more than that, your story – where you have been and where you and your family want to go.

Next we will go through a Spinal Health Assessment that includes neurologic, orthopedic, and functional testing. This will give us objective information for how you are functioning today, so that we are able to track progress as we move through this program and create a plan that best supports your body and life.

Your second visit is when we will go through all the findings from our first day’s consultation and exam, and the plan we created specifically for you. 


Each visit you will be checked for vertebral subluxation, and will be adjusted accordingly. These visits last around 6-8 minutes. We do all the work for this part!

In order to further understand your baseline health, we’ll do our 8-point Healthy Human Evaluation, which is an assessment that looks at lifestyle factors and helps us determine in what areas of your life and health there is the most opportunity for improvement. We use this information to create action steps and a plan to simply but intentionally bring about better overall health in your life.


The Schaefer Protocol gives us as guide to follow, and I am here to walk alongside you and support you every step of the way.


I can’t take the steps for you. This program will be uncomfortable at times, as it is outside of our comfort zone that growth happens.


But If you’re ready for something different, I’m here, and I’m ready too join you.


          Dr. Josiah

For more information on preconception chiropractic care or to schedule an appointment,

please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (405) 388-2348

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