Preconception Care

Support from before the beginning.

When I had my first baby, Zoe, I wouldn’t have thought I was “unhealthy,” but… I also wasn’t taking into consideration every facet of health (hint, it’s more than just what you eat), not only mine, but my husband’s health as well (you know, where half of the genes come from). I had a fairly uneventful pregnancy – no major concerns, health scares, or even pain as my body grew and changed over 9 months (yay chiropractic! with a Webster Certified Dr. Daniel). I did a better job of prioritizing health after I was already pregnant, and her development already began. Her birth was beautiful and empowering.


Then postpartum began…

Postpartum chiropractic care in Edmond, OK

We had a very difficult early postpartum. All three of us. Yes, it’s hard, it’s new. There’s definitely a learning curve and you have to give yourself a lot of grace. But this wasn’t like anything I’d ever even considered. She cried SO MUCH. When she latched to nurse, we both cried… every time. Even the 2am feedings. She had a very sensitive tummy. She had a tongue and lip tie. She had so much tension in her body. And so did I. We were in survival mode and just praying the days would pass faster so we could move past whatever that was. And we did. We found ways to support both Zoe and me; self care went from being “a good idea” to “vital for survival.” We were all traumatized by that experience; we didn’t want to go through that again, so the options were to either be finished having children, or make changes in our lives and have a different experience.

This is where the Schaefer Protocol comes into the story. I actually learned of it during Zoe’s pregnancy; the thought of making changes to my life at the time was honestly overwhelming, but it was a nagging that was always in the back of my head and deep in my heart. Dr. Schaefer focuses on preconception health with her families, and it just made sense to me to address health and habits before your baby is even there so it isn’t overwhelming and seemingly impossible.

Zoe was the most amazing, kind person in our lives and we were ready to meet the next little person in our family. Enough time had passed that the craziness of postpartum seemed doable again, and this time we had a protocol to follow to prepare ourselves. We implemented the Schaefer Protocol into our lives and were soon pregnant with Evie.

Evie’s pregnancy was much like Zoe’s – fairly uneventful, with the exception that this time I had added “chasing a toddler” to my daily activity. Evie’s birth was similar to Zoe’s, but also so unique and perfect for her. Again, postpartum began… but this time it was different.

We did plan better for the postpartum period that time around; we accepted help, heck I even asked for help! We included postpartum doulas in our support team. Having that support made for a different experience. But she was a different baby. She was healthy. She didn’t scream when we nursed. She wasn’t so sensitive I had to extremely restrict my diet. She didn’t have the tongue and lip tie like Zoe did. She didn’t have tension throughout her body. She slept! Now, she was still a baby. It’s still hard. There are still times they cry and only God knows why. But she was better, and I was better, which meant our whole family was better able to connect and enjoy having a new baby in our home.

baby chiropractic adjustment in Edmond, OK

My story isn’t unique – In her office alone Dr. Schaefer has had over 150 healthy, happy babies born to healthy, happy families, many of whom had tried everything and gone everywhere to get pregnant before they started the Schaefer Protocol. And there are many more across the US in practices that have implemented the Schaefer Protocol in their health programs. This isn’t a fertility protocol – it’s a health protocol. One of the beautiful effects of health is a greater ability to conceive healthy babies.

What to Expect:


Your first visit will start with a consultation. We’ll sit down and go through your health history, but more than that, your story – where you have been and where you and your family want to go.

Next we will go through a Spinal Health Assessment that includes neurologic, orthopedic, and functional testing. This will give us objective information for how you are functioning today, so that we are able to track progress as we move through this program and create a plan that best supports your body and life.

Your second visit is when we will go through all the findings from our first day’s consultation and exam, and the plan we created specifically for you. We encourage your partner to join you on this visit, as you are not on this journey alone!


Each visit you will be checked for vertebral subluxation, and will be adjusted accordingly. These visits last around 6-8 minutes. We do all the work for this part!

In order to further understand your baseline health, we’ll do a Health Risk Assessment, which is a computerized assessment that looks at lifestyle factors and helps us determine in what areas of your life and health there is the most room for improvement. We use this information to create action steps and a plan to simply but intentionally bring about better overall health in your life.


The Schaefer Protocol gives us as guide to follow, and I am here to walk alongside you and support you every step of the way. But I can’t take the steps for you. This program will be uncomfortable at times, as it is outside of our comfort zone that growth happens.


If you’re ready for something different, I’m here and I’m ready.


          Dr. Josiah

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