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Nurturing growth and development from the beginning.


Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Encouraging healthy development and optimal expression of life from the very beginning.

It's better to grow healthy children than to fix injured adults.

First Subluxation

The purpose of every chiropractic adjustment we give is to address subluxation (joints that are misaligned or not moving well, causing stress in the nervous system). One of the first stressors to the nervous system is the trauma that comes from simply being born. The birth process applies a great deal of force to a baby's body, especially their head and neck.

The average force during labor and delivery without any intervention is:

- 54 N (12lbs of pressure) during a uterine contraction

- 120 N (27lbs of pressure) during a volitional push


When pushing happens during a contraction, there's nearly 40 pounds of pressure on the baby.​

When instrument assistance (vacuum or forceps) is utilized, it adds an additional 113 N (25lbs) of tractional force. You may think that if your baby is born by a cesarean delivery then they didn't experience the stress accompanied by a vaginal birth; the reality is that they undergo a different, tractional force from being pulled out, and miss out on the beneficial process the baby's skull goes through as it passes through the birth canal.

Did you know?

Pediatric chiropractic adjustments are very gentle and specific.

An average of 4-6 ounces of pressure is used - about the same pressure you use to check an avocado to see if its ripe.

This is why we ask about the birth process, regardless of age.
Most of us experienced our first subluxation at birth and it doesn't take long for our body to adapt to improper position and motion, which plays a major role in growth and development.
The sooner we are able to address subluxation, the quicker we are able to return to a healthy, functional state and correct changes before they become chronic issues.

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parents report pediatric care has helped with

  • Sleep

  • Constipation

  • Colic

  • Feeding issues

  • Reaching developmental milestones

  • Immune function

  • Back, head, and neck pain

  • Who can benefit from chiropractic care?
    Chiropractors are "back doctors," right? So why would you see one if you have something going on in your hip, or head... shoulders, knees, toes...? Or what's the point if you feel great and have no pain? Or if you are a baby who was just born?? We do focus on the back, but that's because that's where your spine is. Your spine is such a vital part of your health because it is the protection for your spinal cord, an extension of your brain. Nerves branch off the spinal cord and pass through the vertebra in the spine on their way to connect your brain with every single part of your body. When a joint isn't moving well, it causes stress in the nervous system. That stress can cause pain, but even more than that, it compromises function. We refer to this situation as a "subluxation." Chiropractors locate the joints or areas that are causing stress or irritation to the nerves (subluxations), make specific adjustments to restore normal motion, and alleviate the stress so the brain and body can communicate clearly. When your brain and body can communicate, not only do you often feel better, but your body is able to function at a higher level! You'll hear people report chiropractic care helping with a variety of issues, because at the core it's not treating a specific condition, it's supporting your body to be able to optimally function. And that's something that's good for every body!
  • How many adjustments do I need?
    Wouldn't it be great if ONE adjustment could resolve all the issues you came in for? Unfortunately, that's about as likely as one salad negating years of fast food, or one workout cancelling out years of a sedentary lifestyle - that's just not how things work. But just like with healthy food choices and movement, the more consistent you are as time passes, the better changes you will see. We go over your health history, current lifestyle, and what we find during our exam process to determine the best plan for you to reach your goals. After you receive our recommendation, then the choice is yours how you would like to proceed.
  • What is subluxation?
    The driving force behind the chiropractic care we provide in our office is not a quick fix or even pain relief, it's addressing subluxation. Subluxations are areas where there's stress or tension in a joint (where bones come together) that causes interference in the communication between the brain and the rest of the body. When proper motion is returned to the joint from a specific chiropractic adjustment, that stress is removed allowing the brain and body to talk clearly, and function is improved! Improved function means you're better able to adapt to and enjoy the world around you. The focus is not on what is wrong with you, but rather supporting what is right.
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