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Proper Motion in Pregnancy


Children, laundry, carseats... it's tough to avoid lifting things off the ground in everyday life! If we're not thinking about it, we tend to keep our legs straight and curl our back to pick things up, which puts a lot of stress on the spine. A happier solution:

- Square up to the object in question (if it's a child, let them run to you!) - Squat (hips lead the way down) and grab whatever you need - Stand (chest leads the way up!)

That's it :) Happy lifting!


Pelvic Motion

The ball is an excellent tool you can use at home to create pelvic motion in the pelvis during pregnancy.

First we’ll discuss the Figure-8; we love this exercise because it creates movement in the sacroiliac (SI) joint and those are famous in pregnancy for giving us grief.

To execute, imagine you’re looking at yourself from above, and move your hips in a figure-8 pattern.

We also love the hip hike, where we’re rocking side to side. This asymmetrical motion from one side to the other is going to induce more motion here in your SI joint. It’s very subtle; we just want to go back and forth. Keep it gentle and controlled, no need to be throwing a hip out!

The last thing we’ll go over is the pelvic tilt, a great way to create motion in another plane of the SI joint. Whereas in the hip hike we’re tilting side-to side, in the pelvic tilt we tilt back and forward. Imagine your pelvis as a bucket of water that you’re gently pouring out the front and back.


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