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New Year, New You

The beginning of a new year can feel like a blank slate with unlimited potential. It's the

ultimate Monday. The freshest start. In the last few weeks of a year there's a general feeling of "meh" in regards to healthy habits, because we all know the New Year is coming and that is when we will make positive changes.

The first of the year is a wonderful reset for intentions, goals, schedules and plans, but are our bodies on the same calendar as earth?

As it turns out, your body doesn't wait until January 1st for a fresh start. Your body is constantly in a state of renewal.

We're continually shedding dead skin cells, yet we still have skin! That's because every 28-40 days a new skin cell is born.

The cells in the stomach turn over every few days.

Complete development of sperm takes 60 days.

It takes a red blood cell 120 days to go through its full life cycle and be replaced by a new cell.

Our lifestyle influences the health of these new cells, so every day is an opportunity to make choices that build the body you want to live in in the future.

Don't wait until the New Year, or Monday, or for the stars to align... you have the power to change your future today.


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