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If You Have A Nervous System, You Need Chiropractic Care

We bet you didn’t know… 👀

There isn’t an adjustment for back pain. 🫢

Or colic, constipation, headaches, latching issues, neck pain… Chiropractic doesn’t treat any symptom or condition.

So why do we see people who come in with those symptoms report that they improve and resolve with regular chiropractic care? 🤔

Because the one thing every one of those symptoms has in common is stress in the nervous system, and that is what we are addressing through chiropractic adjustments to subluxations.

Subluxations are areas where there’s stress or tension in a joint (where bones come together) that causes interference in the communication between the brain and rest of the body. When proper motion is returned to the joint from an adjustment, that stress is removed allowing the brain and body to talk clearly, and function is improved. 🙌🏼

Because the nervous system controls every other system in the body, it’s imperative that it is functioning at its best.

This is why we will always recommend continued chiropractic care for all to support a happy, healthy nervous system. ✨


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