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Top 5 Ways to Support Breastfeeding

1️⃣Chiropractic adjustments for baby AND mama. Being born puts a lot of stress on every body who is part of that process! Stress in baby’s nervous system can cause tension, restrict motion in the neck and jaw, and impact the latch and ability to transfer milk. Stress in mom’s nervous system can cause hormonal imbalance, decreased supply, and certain feeding positions are challenging when joints aren’t aligned well.

2️⃣Find an IBCLC and have an appointment while you’re still pregnant. That’s right, BEFORE you have a very hungry baby and while you’re getting more consistent sleep, take a breastfeeding class or setup a private meeting for you and your partner.

Bonus - you already have an established relationship and don’t have to put energy into finding that help when you have a newborn!

3️⃣Hydrate like never before. Breastmilk is more than 80% water, and it’s not the only thing in your body that requires water, so dehydration can certainly impact the amount of milk you are able to produce. If you have a free hand, grab a water bottle and take a drink. Straws help you drink more. It’s also important to replenish electrolytes when you’re drinking so much water - adding a pinch of salt, lemon or lime to your cup will help with that. We use and love LMNT sticks, and feel that has made a huge impact in supporting supply with breastfeeding our twins.

4️⃣Eat real food, and plenty of it. The metabolic energy you use to breastfeed every day is the amount used to walk SEVEN MILES. And it’s not just your body that needs nutrients - you’re passing them onto your baby through your milk. This isn’t the time to restrict calories or follow a strict diet; focus on nourishing and filling foods. A general rule of thumb is to feed yourself every time you feed your baby. Making sure you have snacks and a full cup of water is a major help others can provide you.🙌🏼

5️⃣Improve your insulin sensitivity. Research is showing a relationship between insulin resistance and both delayed and insufficient milk supply. It’s never too late to work on this, but since your baby’s first milk production begins in the second trimester of pregnancy, it’s ideal to start making these changes before you are even pregnant. Something as simple as walking for 5-10 minutes after a meal positively impacts your insulin sensitivity.🤗

Whether you’re already on your breastfeeding journey, or preparing for the future, there are things you can do today to improve breastfeeding outcomes. We're here cheering you on, and happy to join your support team.🫶🏼

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