Jill shares that when she was researching on what she needed to do to prepare for a VBAC for her second birth, chiropractic care kept coming up. Her healthcare provider encouraged her to seek out a Webster Certified chiropractor; she saw Dr. Daniel throughout her pregnancy and continues to after her successful VBAC.

Danielle shares how chiropractic care made a difference not only in her pregnancy, but continues to improve her life and her family’s.

Jim shares that he chooses chiropractic care to support his body so he is able to do the things he loves!

Virginia shares her experience with her sweet baby being diagnosed as failure to thrive, the journey she is on as a mother, and how chiropractic became part of their story.

Molly chose Hackney Chiropractic to support her body during pregnancy as she was experiencing sciatic pain, but also as part of her physical and mental preparation for the birth experience she desired.


“My #1 mom tip for new moms: find yourself a good pediatric chiropractor! It can change your life.” Katie shares how chiropractic adjustments not only changed her son’s life, it changed the whole family!

After bringing their two-week-old daughter in care for, the Jasons decided to make chiropractic part of their wellness lifestyle for their whole family.

Asa’s parents share their experience with chiropractic care after a difficult first several weeks of his life, and how after his first visit they felt like they got to meet him for the first time.

“They’ve created a space where I can prioritize myself so that I can be there for my family.” Meg shares how her experience at Hackney Chiropractic provided support not only in the office and during pregnancy, but for who she is as a mother and a woman.

These three friends share their unique pregnancy experiences, and how chiropractic supported each of them through that exciting time!

First I just want to say a huge thank you so much to Dr. Josiah for sharing your birth story during the free labor prep class. Dr. Daniel also stated how your positive affirmations and positivity were huge in your birthing journey. Your insight, support and of course the physical manipulations were a huge part of my birthing journey. I had a successful vbac a few weeks ago, I didn’t need to be induced and I didn’t have a c-section. Thanks again!

– Nina C

All of the staff at Hackney Chiropractic are friendly, professional, and dedicated to serving the needs of their patients.  My family and I started attending Hackney 2 years ago when my infant son stopped pulling up and our pediatrician could not determine the cause.  He was treated by Dr. Josiah, and pulled up again the next day.  The following week he started walking.  I have utilized care from other chiropractors in the past but I felt that they were more interested in running a business.  At Hackney Chiropractic, I feel they are more interested in my quality of life and that of my family.  They also work hard to maintain appointment schedules without sacrificing care with a personal touch.  I would highly recommend Hackney Chiropractic to anyone who is looking for a friendly atmosphere, and professional chiropractic care.

– Tyler W

I absolutely love the Hackney’s. I have three children my first two were born via cs. Enter my 3rd, I am more educated on my options for a vba2c and learned how important Chiropractic care is during pregnancy and after! I had a successful vbac in March and I truly believe one contributing factor was weekly visits to the Hackney’s Office.

– Carrie J

I am so thankful to have found Dr. Josiah & Dr. Daniel. I had been having lower back and pelvic pain due to pregnancy (and probably a multitude of other things). After just ONE adjustment with Dr. Josiah, I could immediately tell a difference. I am so excited to continue to see her throughout this pregnancy!

– Hanna D

Wow! I just had my first chiropractic appointment in 10 years, and I was quite nervous because I knew my body was all out of whack. Dr. Daniel was very informative and gentle with his approach, and I now feel the best I have in a long time! After a week of rib, sternum, and upper back pain, and 10 years of hip pain…I finally feel AWESOME! I can’t wait to go back in a couple days!

– Ariana K

I found out about Hackney Chiropractic through mutual friends while we were looking for chiropractic care in Edmond for our then 4-year-old son.  We were looking for a family practice because I was also having almost daily headaches and struggling with lower back and leg pain that could not be diagnosed by my primary care doctor.  I chose Hackney Chiropractic because of the welcoming, family environment and their focus on healing.  I have been a patient at Hackney Chiropractic for over 4 years now and I have been headache free for over 3 years and have had an almost complete loss of lower back and leg pains.  I recommend Hackney Chiropractic to all my friends who are looking for a family chiropractor because they specialize in women and children and I know chiropractic care is principal for health and wellness.  Due to the long relationship I have had with the Hackneys, I know Hackney Chiropractic shares my beliefs and I am thankful that I stumbled across them.  I will be a lifetime member of their practice!

– Sean F

I can not say enough good about this place and these people. It took a lot of convincing for me to agree to try a chiropractor for my kiddos but now I’m kicking myself I didn’t try sooner. The staff is phenomenal and the atmosphere is so comforting. Dr. Josiah was amazing dealing with my mama anxiety while working with my 1 month old and talked me through the whole process. 5 stars just doesn’t seem like enough!

– Tiffany M


October 2017; that is when I realized I had a problem.  For over a month my left foot had flopped as I walked. I assumed I was just out of alignment and there was no real problem.  It was not until concerned physicians, an MRI, and a meeting with a neurosurgeon, that I realized the gravity of my issue. At the age of 23, I had two bulging discs in my spine as well as scoliosis. The thought was that the herniated discs in my spine were putting pressure on the nerve leading to my foot, causing it to hang limp.  An issue described as “foot drop”. The doctors attributed the brunt of my issues to years of skateboarding and throwing myself down stair sets. Although, landing a trick over some concrete steps is very satisfying, the high repetitive impact sure took a toll on my body.

After a consultation with a local chiropractor, and being told I needed to come in with absurd frequency spending close to $200 per visit until my insurance deductible was met, I said a prayer, and left making no following appointments.  The next day I was recommended to visit the Hackney’s thanks to a close friend who is a midwife in town. I visited Daniel who was very encouraging and really cared about my recovery with spinal surgery (which was what the physicians were thinking I would need) being an absolute last resort.  Not only that, but the Hackney’s rates were reasonable and affordable! After one visit, and some close friends praying for my spine, my foot began working again, though not at 100%. I kept seeing the Hackneys, and using BirthFit exercises Josiah taught me to strengthen my core as well as facilitate my body’s healing properly. Within a month or two my foot was functioning at 100% with no surgery needed!

Over time, I developed a fun relationship with the whole team at Hackney Chiropractic; Daniel, Josiah, and their daughter Zoe even came over for dinner at one point.  Daniel also came to one of my local concerts to support. I have been very grateful for the role the whole Hackney team has filled in my life and still come in regularly to get adjusted… but mostly just to see everybody.

– Gage P