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Coping with Labor Pains

We are pleased to host this childbirth education class from Miranda Jones of Sooner State Doula and Cacey Malone of Birth Experiences.

Coping with Labor Pains is a hands-on class that covers all of the techniques parents want to learn in order to prepare for a natural birth. A hands-on, interactive birthing class that creates confident parents.

In this class, you will learn the tools and techniques you need to cope with labor pains without the use of pain medication. You may have been told that birth is painful, scary, or uncontrollable, but it doesn’t have to be! It will be challenging and powerful, but with the knowledge and hands-on practice from our class, you can confidently work with, rather than against, the force of your labor. Even if you are considering the use of pain medication, this class will ensure you have the tools you need to navigate early labor, before pain medication is available.

This class covers:
– Breathing techniques
– Hands on pain management techniques such as hip squeezes, counter pressure, massage, and much more
-Optimal positioning for labor and variations of normal
– How to use labor tools such as the rebozo, birth ball, hydrotherapy, TENS units and much more
-Benefit and risk assessment for easy decision making
-Mental techniques for relaxation
-How to achieve a natural birth in a hospital setting
-Establishing positive relationships with medical staff

Hear what others have to say about this class!

” I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I left feeling so empowered and like I had all the tools to power through my birth. Just as it should be. Miranda and Cacey were so kind and patient, and answered every one of my questions!

“My husband went with me, and he was just as happy as I was.”

“They really reassured me! I am hoping for a natural vaginal birth, and I feel now that I am 100% prepared. I am so happy I went. I will recommend them to my friends. So very happy with this experience, I can’t say enough good things!”

The fee for this class is $60 per couple. Couples should wear comfortable clothing, and bring a couple pillows or yoga mats if you have them. Rebozos are available for purchase for an additional fee.

2023 Dates

April 22nd
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