Care Plans

Individual 48 Visit - FIRST YEAR

Pay in Full: $1800 ($37.50/visit)

15% down: $2100: $315 down, $148.75/mo x 12 ($43.75/visit)

Family (3 or under) 48 Visits - FIRST YEAR

Pay in Full: $3000

15% down: $3600: $540 down, $255/mo x 12

Family (4+) 48 Visits - FIRST YEAR

Pay in Full: $3750

15% down: $4500: $675 down, $318.75/mo x 12

Individual 36 visits – SECOND YEAR/Wellness

Pay in Full: $1350 ($37.50/visit)

20% down: $1575: $315 down, $105/mo x 12 ($43.75/visit)

Family (3 or under) 36 visits - SECOND YEAR/Wellness

Pay in Full: $2250

20% down: $2700: $540 down, $180/mo x 12

Family (4+) 36 visits - SECOND YEAR/Wellness

Pay in Full: $2812.50

20% down: $3375: $675 down, $225/mo x 12)

While we do offer a fee-for-service basis, our practice functions best on a different model that makes payments fair and affordable for families and rewards them for being proactive with their health.


The concept is pretty simple: Our usual fees are $60 per visit, but through our discount program most of our patients actually pay less for a year of care than they would if we were in their insurance network. 

For example, most insurance plans have a deductible that must be met before anything is paid by the insurance company, and even then most co-pays are higher than our cash fees.


Based on our experience over the last five years in practice, we discovered most of our families measure their relationship with us not in visits, but in years. The first year most people visit us on average 48 times whether they are a couple on a fertility program, a pregnant mom, a newborn, or a child with balance issues.


We see our patients more frequently the first 90 days to get their nerve systems up and running. We know that when patients continue their care after the initial 90 days, they’re less likely to have flare-ups. Pregnant patients can typically expect a period of active care that requires multiple visits per week at the beginning of care and close to their birth, while for most of their pregnancy and 90 days postpartum they are seen weekly.


Upon demonstrating stability and improvement at the progressive re-examination, most patients transition to every two weeks with the understanding that if they need a booster, they’ll be covered by the 48- visit plan without any extra cost.


The second year our patients average 36 visits, so we designed a program for those members, too. Simple math tells you that this program also is designed to account for the occasional flare-up, even if a patient comes in every 2 weeks.


One of the benefits of the 48 and 36 visit plans is the progressive re-examinations are included in the program fee. We have plans available for individuals and families.

Eligibility for care plans begins after your initial visit.

1. Re-exams as scheduled are included in the cost of the program.
2. Maintenance programs may be suspended for up to 1 month annually without penalty.
Patients who return to care between 1 and 6 months after suspension will require a progressive re-examination before resuming the Maintenance Program

Frequently asked questions

Is there a cost savings for 36 versus 48 visits?

It breaks down to the same amount per visit; the cost savings is in deciding to pay in full.

How many family members can be on a family plan?

Immediate family: Spouses/partners and dependent children are eligible for these plans. Families of 3 or under receive a 25% discount on our family plans.

How are the visits counted for family plans?

We evaluate on a quarterly basis which family member has the highest visit frequency, then base our counts accordingly. We don’t divide the visits among family members. Our goal is that the family is seen 36 times over the year, not that a family of 3 can only be seen 12 times.

Do the visits expire?

No. However, if you drop off the face of the earth, we may attempt to get in touch with you about a refund.

What if I move or decide to stop care?

The money is credited to your account and only withdrawn for the services you use. Please give us 15 days after notifying us in writing and we will be happy to return the balance minus a 6% refund transaction fee.

Most of my family is on wellness care, but we want to add someone new. Should we do a 48 or 36 visit plan?

Our recommendation is the 48, because the new family member will be tracked for active care (16 visits) and that will only leave 20 visits left on your plan. This goes for pregnancy as well; we recommend the 48 visit plan because during this first year you’ll likely use them, and you may wish to consider converting to the family plan when baby is born.

I’m half way through my individual plan and when our baby is born, we want to make it a family plan. How does that work?

Let us know if you plan on just adding the baby or would now like the entire family to begin. Each visit has a value, and we will charge the difference for the upgrade on the remaining visits. When you run out, we will simply renew at the family rate you’ve selected.
Example: You have 10 visits left of the Individual Pay In Full 48 visit package (You paid $1800, and the remaining visits are worth $375) and birth your beautiful baby. The 10 visits of the Pay In Full Family 48 visit package for a family of 3 or under is worth $625. For $250, you may be upgraded to that family program.

If I’m in the monthly payment program and want to switch to the Pay In Full, or am in the Pay in Full and want to switch to autodebit, can I?

Kind of. We can issue you a refund minus the 6% refund fee for the remaining visits, and you can apply that to a new 36 or 48 visit package, yes.
However while you have the opportunity to move between an Individual to a Family program by paying the difference (see above), we don’t have the same ability to switch between Pay in Full and Autodebit without issuing the full refund.

What happens if it’s the end of the year and I have visits left?

They carry over! Visits don’t have an expiration date.

What happens if I run out of visits before the end of the year?

You purchase another package. The cost per visit is the same between the 36 and 48 visit package, so we encourage you to choose the one that is going to suit you or your family the best.

Do we have to pay the full amount for a family if we don’t have children?

We have discounts for families of 3 or under, which includes you! You receive a discount on the family programs.

We have a family of 3 and are pregnant with our new baby. Will we be able to stay on the discounted family program once the baby is born?

That’s up to you. If you would like all 4 of the family members seen when baby arrives, we will calculate the difference in program costs for your remaining visits. However, if you decide you’d like to only keep 3 people under care, we can deactivate one family member until you would like to re-activate his or her care. We suggest that newborns be checked and receive care within the first 2 weeks after birth.

We have a family of 5. Can we buy a 3 person family and rotate who gets seen?

That’s clever and outside the box thinking! But unfortunately, we can’t do that. When you tell us the 3 we’re starting with, those three will be the ones to complete the program and the other members can do drop-in visits. In the long run it really is better to do the full family program, because new family members will have a higher visit need for starting and you’re going to eat up your visits faster if you wait until you’re eligible for the 36 visit program to bring them in.