Before Your First Visit

We are excited to meet you!

It makes our hearts so happy to welcome new individuals and families into our clinic who are choosing chiropractic care to support their lives, and choosing us as their family chiropractor! 

We know how challenging not knowing what to expect in a new place can be, so we created this page to show you around and answer some common questions we receive, before we even meet!

Please take a minute to look around before your first visit. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Our Approach

Your health is determined by much more than merely the absence of symptoms; it encompasses not only the health of your spine and nervous system (which we obviously think is kind of a big deal), but also your physical health in every system, your emotional health, your social health...


Fortunately for you, our specialized training is in the health of your nervous system and spine, and we have incredible referrals for the other areas we mentioned! 

While we always make referrals when indicated, we can't see you as just a spine. We promise you are SO much more! You are an amazing person who has thoughts, feelings, and a whole life outside of your visits in our office. And all of this affects the health of your spine and nervous system!


We won't ever take the place of any other professional on your health and wellness team, but we will always see you as a whole person, and ensure you are always treated as such.

Care Plans

We know that individuals and families have different needs, so we've created care plans with those needs in mind. Learn more about your options here.