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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a branch of the healing arts which is based on the understanding that good health depends in part upon an optimally functioning nervous system. The nerves extending from the spine innervate the whole body. The chiropractic adjustment is the way in which a trained Chiropractor restores proper function to your body by locating and adjusting a musculoskeletal area of the body that is functioning improperly. At Hackney Chiropractic we do this with gentle pressure with our hands and an adjusting instrument called an Activator. The goals are to correct structural alignment and improve your body’s physical function and restore range of motion.


A healthy baby comes from a healthy pregnancy. A healthy pregnancy comes from healthy parents. But what dictates their health? We're glad you asked.

The Webster Certification training that both of our doctors went through is what really ignited our passion in caring for the entire family. Birth is a transformational experience for everyone involved! We are so humbled to be able to be part of supporting families in this time. 

The Webster Technique is a specific analysis and adjustment of the pelvis, as well as the muscles and ligaments that attach to it, to promote pelvic balance; it is extremely beneficial during pregnancy and the postpartum period. 


Oh the changes the body goes through in pregnancy, birth, and then the postpartum period! It's incredible! 

Just as there are special considerations for a body that is growing a baby, there are in the postpartum period as well. 

We see postpartum as an opportunity; a fresh start for your body. You won't ever go back to the way you were before, but that's not a bad thing. This is a time to support the natural changes that are occurring, discover who you are now, and build a strong, stable, capable body for you to not only live but enjoy your life!


Have you ever seen a baby be born? Or watched a toddler learning to walk, and falling again and again? Or observed the posture of a child reading or playing a video game? All of these things cause stress to the body. These aren't a major trauma like a car accident, but they are traumas to the body, and even small stressors add up over time. 

Some of the the little ones who come into our office have clear signs of stress in their body - colic, constipation, a signature walk (penguin is pretty common when the pelvis isn't moving well), headaches... but even in the absence of the symptoms we recommend a chiropractic evaluation. Why? Because we strongly believe that it's much better to address these stresses when we are young instead of waiting for problems to manifest, so the child is able to grow and develop without interference and achieve their optimal potential.

Areas of Expertise

Massage Therapy

As chiropractors we work with the joints of the body, and attached to those bones are muscles. Massage therapy is an excellent way to address muscular imbalances in the body. Not only that, it also can improve circulation, lower blood pressure, increase range of motion, reduce anxiety... There are clearly many reasons you should include a Licensed Massage Therapist on your health and wellness team.

In our office we work with Anna Hinkle; she does amazing work and is certified in prenatal massage!

Salt Booth Therapy

Halotherapy is a form of Dry Aerosol Salt Therapy.


What that means is that pharmaceutical grade salt is ground down, using a machine called a Halogenerator, to 0.5 microns and pumped into the air. With the salt particles that small, they are able to penetrate deep into your lungs/sinuses and begins to break down mucus and fluid build-ups.  Salt therapy is especially helpful for people who suffer from respiratory problems.


While relaxing in our salt treatment booths, customers inhale the dry, salt-enriched deep down into their lungs where the healing benefits do their greatest healing. The salt loosens the mucus, which begins to clear quickly, and inflammation is reduced, which makes more room in the airways for you to breathe.

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Supporting Services

Supporting Services
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