Since college and into the workforce, Alyssa suffered from migraine headaches. These headaches not only interfered with work, but prevented her from her love of photography. While under chiropractic care at Hackney Chiropractic in Edmond, OK, her migraines have resolved. She is able to enjoy work and her hobby of photography: everything has changed!


Brian came to Hackney Chiropractic in Edmond, OK after two years of chronic pain. He was unable to enjoy the things he loved. He experienced numbness in his shoulder, hands, and feet when rock climbing and backpacking, and couldn’t hike or bike very long without pain. After completing the recommendation of care, he has been able to return to rock climbing, backpacking, mountain biking and hiking. He has long distance hikes coming up that he’s now excited about, instead of nervous.


Anna experienced migraine headaches after doing what she loved: playing basketball. With chiropractic care at Hackney Chiropractic in Edmond, OK she has been able to not only experience relief when she has a migraine headache, but also decrease the frequency so that she can play basketball without a migraine being inevitable.


Andrew first came to Hackney Chiropractic in Edmond, OK with pain in his shoulder as well as his back. Chiropractic care has helped him to get back to playing the drums, running and exercising. He is now more aware of some of the activities that contributed to the problems, which enables him to prevent future issues.


Bobby came to Hackney Chiropractic in Edmond, OK after experiencing torticollis in his neck that prevented him from turning his head fully both ways and was effecting his work as a nurse, as well as low back pain that was interfering with sleep and making it difficult to stand up from a seated position. Chiropractic care has eliminated the pain, and allowed Bobby to perform his duties at work. Though the pain is gone, he continues maintenance chiropractic care to prevent further injuries and maintain optimal function so he’s able to feel better, sleep better and continue playing with his son.